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Forcing features for Qualcomm-chipset based devices and first to support testing of Video over LTE (IR.94) and SMS over LTE (IR.92)

Oulu, Finland, 18th February, 2015 – Anite, a global leader in wireless network testing technology, today announced that advanced forcing features and support for Video and SMS over LTE testing will be available for its Nemo Outdoor drive test, Nemo Handy handheld and Nemo Walker Air, in-building benchmarking tool range.

The newly launched forcing features enable operators to use devices equipped with Qualcomm’s chipset for advanced engineering tasks. The features include band locking, GSM frequency locks, WCDMA carrier/scrambling code locks, and PCI locks in LTE – all without reboot and available with the highly anticipated Samsung Note 4. With these locking features, specific cells in mobile networks can be tested without automatically switching to neighboring base stations. This enables more accurate testing, troubleshooting, and optimization of the mobile networks, improving the network and the usability of mobile services.

IR.94 is the GSMA/3GPP association’s IMS Profile for Conversational Video Service, i.e. video call over packet switched data. This new service can now be measured in drive testing and in in-building measurements using Nemo tools. IR.92 is the GSMA IMS Profile for Voice and SMS, detailing how SMS is sent over 4G/LTE.

“The availability of these new features is evidence of Anite’s commitment to ensuring support for the latest technologies in order to meet customer requirements”, says Jussi Lemiläinen, Vice President, Product Management and Business Development. “We are able to support upcoming Qualcomm devices and offer the highly anticipated engineering features to operators and their contractors. We are the first in the industry to implement support for IR.94 Video over LTE and IR.92 SMS over LTE. At the forefront of developing tools to test new technologies, Anite is supporting operators in their efforts to ensure a high quality end-user experience”, Jussi concludes.

Nemo Outdoor, Nemo Handy and Nemo Walker Air will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2-5 of March at stand 6I50. At the stand we will also showcase our enterprise level Analytics platform Nemo Xynergy and our latest benchmarking solution Nemo Invex II. For more information, please visit our MWC 2015 webpage or contact us at to schedule a meeting at MWC 2015. 

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