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Mini Babybel UK is launching a new game for all the family called ‘Babybel® Buddies Bowling’, which is free to play, free to download, and available on iOS and Android. 

The game is the first property in a new content platform for Babybel® featuring a cast of 3D characters brought to life by the latest augmented reality techniques and designed to feature in games, graphic novels, advertising, packaging, and online, created by ad agency Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe /Y&R. 

The Halloween edition of Babybel® Buddies Bowling has just been released at the same time as the special packs in store and is now available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. 

The Mini Babybel® will come to life when scanned with a mobile or tablet devices, taking players straight into the game and appealing to kids’ fascination with ‘phygital’ experiences, where the physical and digital worlds blend into one. 

In the 3D game, Babybel® Buddies need to stop a gang of ravenous rodents tricking them out of their treats and eating all of the world’s cheese. In a re-imagining of the classic bowling genre, pick-up-and-play controls allow the Babybel® Buddies to take on the evil mice and protect the cheese. 

Babybel® Buddies Bowling has a healthy eating message for kids integrated into the game, as players can win new characters and unlock more levels by collecting nutritious food such as fruit and milk within the game. 

The first edition of the game introduces Halloween Babybel® Buddy characters Franky, Drax, Bones, Tutt, Pumpkid and Red. 

Players can view the 3D models of each character, and a ‘pass-and-play’ option lets the whole family play the game together. 

The game is designed to appeal to parents as much as kids, with none of the drawbacks associated with apps of this kind. 

The Babybel® Buddies app is the antithesis of the freemium model, with no in app purchases, no in app advertising, and no need for an online connection. 

The Babybel® Buddies platform will be extended further in 2015, with new features such as in-game personalisation of characters and the option to order your own customized 3D models of the Babybel® Buddies. 

The whole family will also soon be able to follow their favourite characters on the Babybel® YouTube channel in animated graphic novels currently being created in collaboration with child literacy experts. 

A Winter edition of Babybel® Buddies Bowling is planned for the festive season. 

Steve Gregory, Marketing Director at Bel UK Ltd said: 

“We are all very excited about the launch of Babybel Buddies and how it will enable us to engage with both new and existing customers.”

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