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September 2014 – Automated teller machines (ATMs) are a major target for crime in India, and an area that icomply has been working closely on with a number of international banks. Last week, one of these bank’s investments paid off as an armed robber triggered the recently installed VTAS PRO into action. 

Vivek Kumar, Head – Indian Operations commented  “A burglar came at around 4am in the morning. The ATM room shutter was closed, so he used a welding machine to cut the shutter lock. He then opened the shutter, triggering the alarm in VTAS Pro, along with live video.”

Watch the video on YouTube at  

“Covered with black clothes, top to bottom with half face covered as well, he was armed with tools and even black spray, which he immediately sprayed onto the CCTV cameras. However, as he as doing this the VTAS Pro Operator started live recording, turned on a hooter and started broadcasting and receiving two way audio”. 

“The burglar ran away immediately. A response team was informed and present almost as quickly and the mishappening was avoided. With the burglar’s image captured by VTAS Pro there is a good chance of identification too. One thing is for sure. He will not be going back to that branch, and the bank’s other branches are pleased to know they are protected too,” 

“This is an elite example of an how a true integrated security system can prevent our society from lethal attacks. VTAS-Pro, from icomply, does just that! Remote video surveillance is vital but if it is not ‘clubbed’ with the events coming in from other security equipment deployed on site – it is only half of the information. They key in todays security world is ‘situational awareness’ and ‘response action’ – and true PSIM software like VTAS-Pro  lets you plan in advance and act swiftly when it happens.”

About iComply

icomply are market leaders in providing truly cost-effective integrated software for control rooms. Our open software platform V-TAS Pro integrates with ‘off the shelf’ technologies and your existing hardware, including analogue systems.

icomply customers can keep their existing security infrastructure, making state-of-the-art technology more affordable.   To find out how to choose a cost-effective system and what to avoid, read our article ‘Five essentials for an integrated software solution that’s actually cost effective’.

icomply provide a comprehensive range of software driven modules to create a seamless control room environment.  Software modules such as Lone WorkerGuard Tour and Alarm Receiving work in addition to the everyday functions of a busy control room to provide a complete security package.

icomply use a consultative approach to deliver cost effective security solutions for our customers, so that we can design a bespoke integration package to suit your control room.  You will be guided by the skill and expertise of our in-house development team.  icomply have 15 years’ experience in the CCTV software industry and we pride ourselves on being experts in the field.  We’re a friendly company, committed to delivering projects on time and solving queries effectively.  If you’d like to see a demo of V-TAS Pro, please get in touch.

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