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A new global online resource for those working on building cybersecurity capacity launches today, providing a wealth of essential information for policy-makers and anyone involved in delivering cybersecurity strategies at an international, national and major corporate level.   

UK – December 12, 2014 – The Cybersecurity Capacity Portal has been created by the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, based at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, in partnership with Oxford’s Saïd Business School. It gives both policy-makers and those helping to deliver capacity building within the cyber security professional community information on a wide range of essential elements of cybersecurity – from national policies, regulation and protecting against cybercrime, to encouraging responsible cyber culture and building skills in the workforce and leadership – as well as technological developments to enable better cybersecurity. 

The need for international efforts to protect cyberspace is clear: 81% of large corporations and 60% of small businesses suffered from cybercrime in 2014. The portal will help support decisions and investments that can significantly enhance safety and security in cyberspace, and help coordinate global efforts in cybersecurity through sharing of information and best practice.  

The portal also contains information on the work of the Centre, which works to understand how to deliver effective cyber security both within the UK and internationally. Organisations collaborating with the Centre in this work include the Organization of American States and the World Bank.

The Cabinet Office Minister responsible for Cyber Security, Rt Hon Francis Maude MP announced the new initiative this morning at an event marking the third anniversary of the UK Cyber Security Strategy. 

Centre Director, Professor Sadie Creese, comments: “Building capacity in cybersecurity is essential to keeping our online environments, societies and economies safe and prosperous. This new portal will be a one-stop shop for essential information on what is already being done around the world and what we can learn from those experiences to enable us to better increase the scale, pace and quality of cybersecurity. “

The creation of the portal has also been supported by a network of experts in Oxford’s Department of Computer Science and Cyber Security Centre, Oxford Internet Institute, and in institutions worldwide.

Saïd Business School Professor David Upton said: “Cybersecurity needs a multi-pronged approach, and here at the Business School we’ve been focussing on education, leadership and skills. It’s increasingly clear that these risks need to be addressed at executive level, not just by the IT Department, and this portal will be a key source of information to help with this”.  

Anyone with an interest in cybersecurity can visit and view information on the site at: 



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Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre 
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Oxford Martin School 
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The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (based at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford) aims to understand how to deliver increases in cyber security capacity in its widest sense, in order to develop a framework to underpin policy-making in the UK and internationally. We believe this is critical to sustain a cyber space which can continue to grow and innovate in support of well-being, human rights and prosperity for all. Created in 2013 and Funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, we are working with a wide range of global partners, including governments, international organizations, leading academics, and the private sector.     

The Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford blends the best of new and old. We are a vibrant and innovative business school, but yet deeply embedded in an 800 year old world-class university. We create programmes and ideas that have global impact.  We educate people for successful business careers, and as a community seek to tackle world-scale problems. We deliver cutting-edge programmes and ground-breaking research that transform individuals, organisations, business practice, and society. We seek to be a world-class business school community, embedded in a world-class University, tackling world-scale problems. For more information, see 

The Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford is a unique, interdisciplinary research community of over 300 scholars working to address the most pressing global challenges and harness the potential opportunities. The Oxford Martin School supports over 30 individual research teams across the University of Oxford to consider some of the biggest questions that concern our future, at the frontiers of health and medicine, energy and the environment, technology and society, and ethics and governance. Members of the Oxford Martin School are leaders in their fields and their research aims to have a significant tangible impact on global challenge. 

Professor Sadie Creese is Professor of Cybersecurity in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. She is Director of Oxford’s Cyber Security Centre, Director of the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre at the Oxford Martin School, and a co-Director of the Institute for the Future of Computing at the Oxford Martin School. See: 

Professor David Upton is American Standard Companies Professor of Operations Management at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and also Oxford Martin Fellow at the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, where he Co-Chairs the Research Dimension addressing Building Cyber Skills into the Workforce and Leadership. See: 

Key Facts: 

Global cyber security is a crucial capability to underpin growth and innovation in the online environment and wider digital economy, and support well-being, human rights and prosperity for all. Current estimates suggest that the Internet-related market in the UK alone is worth £82 billion a year, but with cybercrime affecting 81% of large corporations and 60% of small businesses in 2013, cybersecurity is of increasing importance and efforts to protect cyberspace must be made at an international level.

The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre is focused on helping the international community increase the impact, scale and pace of cyber security capacity-building The Centre is currently working with partners such as the Organization of American States and World Bank around the world to translate its research into practical actions to increase cyber security capacity.

The Centre is currently exclusively funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office through the Cyber Capacity Building Fund designed to support the aims and objectives of the UK National Cyber Security Strategy by helping shape an open, vibrant and stable cyberspace that supports open societies. See: 

The new online portal has been developed by the Centre in partnership with the Saïd Business School, which together with the Cyber Security Centre in the Department of Computer Science, The Oxford Internet Institute and academics from other institutions such as UCL, Royal Holloway and Exeter, have collaborated so far on this research. See:     

Information on the new portal is organised around the structure of a new Cybersecurity Capacity Capability Maturity Model (CMM) being developed by the Centre – this will enable policy-makers to understand what good cybersecurity looks like across various key aspects (or ‘dimensions’), and also to benchmark and measure their capacity over time. To support this, the Centre will also develop an online tool, to be made available on the portal in 2015.

The portal is a constantly developing resource, and more content will be added over time to make this a comprehensive repository of capacity building information, best practice and expert comment. 

The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre welcomes and encourages feedback, suggestions for new content and experiences from users and stakeholders from around the world.

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