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Four years ago, C4L launched its own 5,000 square foot Data Centre in Bournemouth, providing C4L customers with privately owned security for colocation away from London’s high pricing, with only three milliseconds latency Round Trip Time (RTT).

On its 4th birthday C4L are proud to announce its own Data Centre has sustained 100% power uptime, this kind of reliability is only achieved due to C4L’s strict data centre management including comprehensive maintenance and regular testing. Just one C4Lof the regular tests conducted to ensure there is no downtime includes a monthly simulation of a power failure, safely ensuring the generators signal that they are ready to take the load and allowing the electrical load to be shifted to one of the two available

C4L’s data centre is certified as using 100% green energy, provided through EDF. By avoiding traditional fossil fuels and instead using renewable sources, C4L is ensuring that its data centre is responsible for the minimum amount of carbon emissions for its size. At the same time the data centre itself uses techniques such as a cold aisle cooling containment and CRAC units with multiple stages of cooling, to make sure that it is using the minimum amount of power: this further reduces both emissions and energy costs. As a result, the data centre is to a great extent “future-proofed” against potential carbon emissions legislation.

Matt Hawkins, C4L Chairman commented: “Traditionally, London has been viewed as the Mecca of data centres because of its central location and high levels of internet connectivity. However thanks to controlling our own fibre line our Customers in our Bournemouth data centre are offered the same level of connectivity and service that they would expect in the capital without paying the premium for the privilege” continued Matt Hawkins. “The benefits our customers receive it that we are constantly improving so the already high standard service they were receiving in 2009 has meant they are free to receive the benefits of our coreTX network, enabling them to have presence in all key data centres in the UK as well as being happy customers of 100% power uptime since 2009

The data centre has advanced triple level security features including biometric entry systems with a man trap restricting access to the colocation area, pin code swipe cards, full 24/7 digital CCTV monitoring and recording the colocation facility itself. To meet demand, in 2011 the Data Centre was upgraded from 60 racks to 180 racks, allowing C4L’s data centre to meet all needs with a full range of rack spaces available, including quarter, half and full racks up to dual 32 Amps as standard, as well as individual colocation suites which can have additional biometric and security scanners for further security.

For more details, visit C4L’s website

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Release Date: 13th December 2013

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