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Easily Create Secure Networks Between Private Cloud,Hosted Virtual Data Centres, and Public Cloud Infrastructures

CohesiveFTAbiquo, a leading cloud management platform vendor, has announced the addition of CohesiveFT’s VNS3 Software Defined Networking (SDN) product to its cloud solution portfolio. With the deployment of VNS3, service provider customers using Abiquo’s award-winning platform will be able to offer their cloud tenants a new way to easily create secure networks between their private, hosted virtual data centres, and public cloud infrastructures.

The integration of VNS3 with Abiquo’s platform also allows users to control SDN capabilities, and provide flexibility and additional security within the rigor and management of the service provider’s standard offers.Abiquoa

Abiquo users deploying VNS3 reap the following benefits:

  • Easily create software defined networks that span their Abiquo managed private, hosted or public clouds, building truly distributed applications;
  • Create an SDN firewall by using the VNS3 Manager to selectively permit outbound traffic to the Internet while guarding inbound traffic from external parties;
  • Secure data in motion with end-to-end encryption across the SDN;
  • Use more enterprise protocols and monitoring systems, such as UDP multicast and SNMP, across multiple cloud and dedicated platforms.

Ian Finlay, VP of Products at Abiquo, said, “Our global customers can now use VNS3 combined with our IaaS offering to solve common use cases such as securely connecting data centres to cloud application deployments, encrypting data-in-motion within and between virtual data centres, complying with security standards such as HIPPA and PCI, and extending their existing networks into their cloud offering.”

Ryan Koop, Director of Products and Marketing of CohesiveFT, added, “We are very pleased to work with Abiquo and make their innovative cloud IaaS even more dynamic. Customers can use our over-the-top network controls to do even more in their Abiquo deployments.”

VNS3 user-controlled network capabilities offer Abiquo customers the ability to control IP addresses, use normally unsupported protocols, and offer broader end-to-end data encryption.

VNS3 is now available for Abiquo customers to try on a limited license or “bring your own license” basis.

VNS3 images are ready for use in Abiquo’s image repository allowing them to be quickly provisioned into Abiquo virtual data centre running multiple hypervisors.

Abiquo delivers the industry’s most advanced cloud management software solution, allowing service providers to quickly build and monetize cloud services, whilst managing hybrid, private or public cloud infrastructure from one intuitive portal. Abiquo adds value through greater efficiency and control.
Founded in 2006, Abiquo is one of the original pioneers of cloud. This early start, and over 75 man-years of engineering effort, has allowed us to build the broadest and deepest solution available on the market today.

Designed from the ground-up as a strategic solution to meet the needs of service providers and their customers, unlike other solutions, Abiquo was specifically architected to be hardware and hypervisor independent from the start – a tremendous advantage in today’s heterogeneous environments. By focusing on the needs of all major stakeholders, and employing many breakthrough techniques to manage and secure the cloud, Abiquo delivers a unified solution, which is truly greater than the sum of its component parts.

Abiquo’s mission is to deliver the richest and most flexible cloud technology to customers, allowing them to attain the greatest levels of agility and cost-saving, through automation, management efficiency and unrivalled self-service. Operating across even the most complex new and existing environments, striving to provide all customers with the highest levels of service, value and ROI. With its solution deployed by customers across the globe, in a wide variety of industry sectors, Abiquo is among the fastest growing cloud companies. Abiquo is privately held, and operates from headquarters in the UK with offices in Europe, and through its extensive global partner network. For more information, visit

CohesiveFT enables enterprises to run business operations in the cloud. Our solutions help migrate, transform and extend both customer facing systems and internal operational platforms. CohesiveFT lets enterprises build on existing IT resources, save money on a single, upfront migration and focus on an application-centric view of integration, governance and security.
Our solutions provide cloud infrastructure products and services allowing enterprises to safely migrate through a logical set of steps. CohesiveFT products allow enterprises to use existing resources, software components and operating systems to target public, private, and hybrid clouds.
CohesiveFT is a leader in enterprise application-to-cloud migration and provides more application-controlled software defined networking than all competitors combined. The CohesiveFT team has decades of experience in enterprise solution-oriented cloud brokerage. To find out more, visit
Located in Chicago, London, Palo Alto and Belo Horizonte.

Content Type: Press Release

Release Date: 4th December 2013

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