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Datameer Professional empowers individual departments to get insights from all their data in hours, not months

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., February, 2015  — Datameer, the only proven big data insights platform for rapid data discovery, announced Datameer Professional, the first SaaS big data analytics platform targeted for department-specific deployments. Just as Datameer was the first big data analytics platform purpose-built for Hadoop, Datameer is now first to market with a big data analytics platform designed specifically for Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS). Datameer kicks off its offering featuring leading Hadoop cloud providers Altiscale and Bigstep. North America-based Altiscale offers the Altiscale Data Cloud, the only HaaS offering purpose-built for high performance and elastic scalability. EMEA-based Bigstep is the company behind the Full Metal Cloud, the world’s highest performance cloud, purpose built for big data.

The success of enterprise Hadoop adoption is driving a growing demand for access in the cloud, as more business users with limited IT or Hadoop expert resources want direct and immediate access to their data, regardless of its size. Datameer Professional is the most affordable and agile option for business executives within an organization who want to start integrating, preparing, analyzing and visualizing all of their data right away. As a fully managed hosted SaaS, Datameer Professional does not require any DevOps or cloud administration.

Datameer simplifies the big data analytics process into a single self-service big data application on top of Hadoop, disrupting a multi-process system. With more than 70+ pre-built data connectors for any data type, size or source, a spreadsheet user interface, and over 270 pre-built point and click analytic functions, business analysts are empowered to take direct control of their data and discover new insights through use cases like customer analytics, operational analytics, cyber security, and more.

Datameer’s SaaS offering is the fastest way for business managers to get started with big data without needing to wait for IT to deploy an enterprise-wide solution. By working with leading and proven HaaS cloud vendors Altiscale and Bigstep, the added offering is one more way that Datameer is increasing data accessibility and ensuring fastest time to value.

“Datameer Professional is the accelerant the market has needed for individual departments within an organization to stop talking about the benefits of big data and Hadoop and start realizing them immediately,” said Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer. “Now companies that want to gain a competitive advantage with big data analytics right away can simply purchase Datameer Professional running on a HaaS offering and discover actionable insights in hours or days, not months. We believe that this will catapult Hadoop adoption as businesses discover shared success between departments and discover new use cases, encouraging the entire company to become data-driven.”

“Analytics across big data can provide real business value throughout an organization,” said Raymie Stata, CEO of Altiscale. “However, realizing this potential means overcoming two major hurdles. First, is the operational challenge of implementing and managing a high-performing, big-data environment. Second, providing an analytics solution that is usable by a broad range of executives and business analysts.  This is why the combination of Altiscale and Datameer is so compelling: powerful, easy-to-use analytics on top of a world-class big data environment means customers can quickly and affordably start generating critical business insights.”

“Our goal is to make data driven decisions a day to day reality for any business executive. Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud was purpose built to give companies of any size access to powerful data analytics in a high performance, secure, and scalable environment. Now, together with Datameer, we are bringing the value of big data at the fingertips of business executives who may not yet be able to implement a full Hadoop enterprise deployment but realize the benefits big data can have on their individual department,” said Flaviu Radulescu, CEO of Bigstep.

Datameer Professional joins Datameer’s line-up specifically for HaaS deployments and will be available in Q1 2015. Altiscale leverages the Apache™ Hadoop® distribution, and Bigstep’s Hadoop-as-a-Service includes Datameer, Cloudera CDH and their full-metal cloud. For additional information, please view the video register for the upcoming webinar on February 24, 2015, 10 a.m. PT.

For on-premise Hadoop deployments, Datameer offers Datameer Enterprise, the only proven big data analytics platform currently in production with over 200 customers including three of the top credit card companies, and the largest banks, telcos, retailers, technology companies and more. To learn more about Datameer’s product offerings, please visit

Learn More
For more information, please register for the upcoming Datameer Professional webinar, which will be held Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. Additional resources can be found in the Altiscale datasheet and Bigstep datasheet. View the Datameer Professional video.

About Datameer
Datameer is the only proven big data insights platform that quickly transforms businesses into agile, insights-driven organizations. Datameer removes traditional BI barriers, and provides an intuitive platform for fluid data discovery that reveals insights in hours instead of months. More than 200 companies including Citibank, Telefonica, Workday, and VISA use Datameer to integrate, prepare, analyze, and visualize all their data, driving significant competitive advantage and unprecedented ROI.For more information, please visit




Content Type: Press Release
Release Date: February 11, 2015

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