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With a variety of free tools and no hidden costs on paid services, agencies can publish countless apps for any number of clients at one flat rate under Aquafadas’ transparent, affordable and flexible pricing model

Montpellier, France – April 1, 2014 – Aquafadas, developer of digital publishing solutions, is pleased to offer customers a flexible pricing model that allows publishing agencies of all sizes to provide customers stability in production costs. Built to adapt to an evolutive industry, Aquafadas’ philosophy is that technology should be flexible and powerful. It should also be predictable when it comes to budgeting. “When I first entered this genre, there were many players to choose from,” comments Dave Nicastro, creative director, new media, UBM’s Design Central. “We chose Aquafadas mainly because of its business model – flat rates that I could clearly communicate to my customers and potential customers. Choosing Aquafadas created a small barrier of entry into the app market with regards to designing and producing with a familiar toolset. But over the last three years, we have mastered the technology and Aquafadas has stuck by its business model while continuing to fine-tune its product. Based on our experience, we look forward to what is next on the horizon for technology advancements without the worry of a changing business model.”

“Digital publishers, whether they are an agency or traditional publisher, must analyze their audience and the market consumption trends. Today’s formula is a combination of great content and multi-platform distribution reach. Consumers want great content on their platform of choice,” says Claudia Zimmer, CEO, Aquafadas. “From the very beginning, it has been Aquafadas’ mission to provide a comprehensive digital publishing platform that supports various workflows and multiplatform export. It has also been our core philosophy to provide a system that dovetails current business models. Simply put, we let digital publishers, whether they are an agency like Design Central or publishing giant like Lagardere, push the boundaries of digital publishing creativity without breaking the bank.”

Advantages of Aquafadas’ business model and solution include:

  • Aquafadas’ business model is based on a fixed fee to publish the kiosk app and its subsequent publications. For example, a monthly magazine on iPad and iPhone only cost $3500/2500€. There are no hidden costs, no cost per download, revenue sharing or licensing. This makes it easy to budget for proposals or internal costs.
  • Agencies and publishers can explore the Aquafadas technology without having to make a purchase. Aquafadas’ plugin for InDesign and Cloud Authoring, the platform for converting PDF to digital, are free to access and explore. You can proof work and make the purchase when you are ready.
  • Aquafadas Digital Publishing System is a powerful and easy-to-use solution. The comprehensive InDesign plug-in features more than 50 enrichments and offers a near-parity (70%) between iOS and Android features as well as multiple export formats (Apps for iOS and Android, ePUB and WebReader).

“Because you pay per project, Aquafadas is great for agencies working on piecemeal projects. An app can be published on the App Store for as low as 500 USD/380 €, with exciting enrichments created using the plugin for InDesign,” comments Vincent Drouot, an IT instructor specialized in digital publishing. “This model is even more interesting when compared to the new Adobe business model. Before, agencies used to spread out the cost of an Adobe Pro License over several customers, with the ability to publish multiple apps using the one license. Now they can only create one app per license (4950 USD/3600 €), therefore serving only one client. On the other hand, with Aquafadas’ business model, the cost per app remains one low price. Agencies won’t need to pass the cost onto the client and can base their quotes more on quality of design, enrichments and user interface. It’s a tremendous savings for agencies and their clients.”

About the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System
Aquafadas’ Digital Publishing System provides an end-to-end workflow for digital publishing, facilitating content design, App creation and distribution. It combines the most advanced tools with a versatile library of ready-to-use Apps, ePUB 3 export and the new WebReader. Without writing a single line of code, publishers can create custom iOS and Android apps and export in optimized ePUB formats for Kobo Arc and Glo, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Apple iBooks Store. Now, with the latest version of the Aquafadas Digital Publishing Solution, publishers can manage all digital publishing tools with the brand new Aquafadas Connect module.

The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System also provides powerful marketing tools, including the ability to integrate advertising campaigns and offer one-click in-App purchases. Sales and reader behavior analysis, now a crucial part of digital publishing, can be done using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, which integrates directly with the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System.

About the Aquafadas Global Partner Network
Aquafadas partners with leading technology integrators worldwide to provide publishers everywhere both state-of-the-art technology and best business practices. Aquafadas’ comprehensive technology offering combined with the expertise of its business partners supports just about every market. The Aquafadas Global Partner Network helps publishers maximize the potential of their digital strategies and deliver high-quality content to new media of the 21st century.

For more information on how your company can join the Aquafadas Global Partner Network, please email or visit

About Aquafadas
Aquafadas, a pioneer in digital publishing technology, enables the creation and mass distribution of graphics rich, interactive digital content such as books, comics, corporate documents, magazines, and newspapers, across all major platforms including smartphones, tablets and the web. Businesses all over the world rely on Aquafadas’ purpose-built content creation and distribution solutions to achieve their digital publishing strategies, significantly expanding content reach while lowering overhead costs. Some of Aquafadas prestigious customers include Bayard, Carrefour, Egmont International, Kelby Media Group, Lagardère, Mondadori, Reader’s Digest, Sanoma, Standard & Poors, and Metronews.

Aquafadas is a member of the International Digital Publishing Forum and IDEAlliance, which help to improve both ePUB and OpenEFT formats.

A Rakuten group business, Aquafadas also provides its technological expertise to Kobo, the world’s fastest growing e-reader provider. For more information about Aquafadas, please visit

Press Contacts
Anya Oskolkova
Zazil Media Group
(p) 617.817.6559
(skype) anya.oskolkova

Lauren Leger
Zazil Media Group                    
(p) 508.498.8433
(skype) lauren.zazil


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