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On the back of its success with more than 3 million travellers around the world, E-Lostbag is breaking new ground with E-Lostbag Premium, a tracking system based on Low Energy Bluetooth technology which further increases interactivity with connected luggage.

24 January 2017 – 82,000 pieces of luggage in transit are lost around the world every day, and over 10,000 of them will never be found. “The main reason for these losses is that the tags have come off, making the luggage unidentifiable“, explains Nicolas Bastide, marketing representative for E-Lostbag, whose innovative electronic chip system, launched in 2014, equips over 5 million pieces of luggage today. Often called a “connected tag”, this chip, using RFID/NFC technology, allows the traveller to retain a permanent connection with his luggage and makes it identifiable on all airlines.

Today the company is launching E-Lostbag Premium, a luggage identification service that preserves all features of its connected tags, especially by the integration of Low Energy Bluetooth technology, which enables tracking interactivity to be further enhanced. All the user needs to do is enter the LPN number provided during luggage check-in at the airport to link E-Lostbag Premium to the airport luggage management system. 

Placed inside the luggage to help prevent any deterioration during transport, E-Lostbag Premium sends an alarm directly to the traveller’s smartphone when the connected luggage arrives on the airport carousel.

Since one wheeled suitcase looks just like another wheeled suitcase, there’s also an option allowing you to make the luggage give out a sound and thus avoid mistakes“, Nicolas Bastide points out. In the same way, E-Lostbag Premium notifies the owner when his luggage, forgotten or stolen, is more than ten metres away.

GPS luggage location

Another major innovation: connection of equipped luggage to the NoLTM network (Network of Luggage), i.e. the network made up of 3 million E-Lostbag clients. “When you declare a piece of luggage lost on the NoLTM network, the network is activated and sends you a GPS location“, explains Nicolas Bastide. A new feature with no subscription required.

At a set rate of 34.90 USD luggage, for any number of trips, E-Lostbag Premium is available at the exceptional pre-order price of 24,00 USD at the time of launching. Note that the first deliveries will begin in March 2017.

About E-Lostbag

Three years on from its official launch, the E-Lostbag chip system has equipped over 5 million pieces of luggage belonging to about 3 million travellers. The success of the company, which records about 400 new registrations each day, relies on a network of over 200 partners around the world (hotels, concierge services, coach operators, Lost and Found services).

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