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Rock-solid servers. Great tooling. In a safe place.

Exoscale, leading swiss cloud provider. A safe approach to cloud services. Exoscale offers Open Cloud and Managed Cloud.

Open Cloud

Perfect for developpers and sysadmins looking for full self-service capabilities and automation support, Open Cloud is a direct access platform, with instant access. Deploy your first instance in less than 45s.

How it Works?

Our Open cloud interface is straightforward and gives you everything you need. No need to log to multiple systems for billing or support.

  •  Simple Login: Login to Control Panel using your email address.
  • Add a New Instance: Simple one-step instance creation form. Choose your template, name and location from dropdown lists. Optionally supply security groups and keypairs for seamless integration in your environment.
  • Direct Access Control Panel: Intuitive control panel for your instances. Add, start, stop a single or multiple instances with one click.
  • Dashboard Overview: Get a direct high-level view of your instances, credit and on-going tickets. Your instances are also displayed directly on the console home for quick and direct access to actions.
  • Ticket Support Summary: Reply and close your tickets. With exoscale support, you can re-open an issue to get further information and assistance.
  • Standard Security Groups: Security groups are easily created in the console for inbound or outband traffic. Host or networks definitions are specified using standard CIDR definitions. Each instance can belong to one or multiple security groups, allowing you to get the required instance network isolation.
  • Reverse DNS Customisation: Easily manage the reverse DNS record associated to your instance. Therefore, production critical assets like email are can be checked by peers to prevent being associated as spam.
  • Easy SSH Management: Manage and generate your keypairs in the console. Each new keypair will be emailed to you for safe storage, avoiding instance deployment with a forgotten key. Best of all, you can even upload your public key, therefore preventing exchanging secrets.


Managed Cloud

Compute Premium

Our premium virtual private cloud offer lets you create a genuine replica of your on-premise or datacenter-hosted infrastructure while benefitting from our robust and scalable cloud facilities.

How It Works?

Built using VMware vCloud suite, Compute Premium exposes in a full multitenant, multiuser web interface all the concepts of a datacenter.

  • Dedicated Login Page: Login to the console using your email address with a dedicated login page for your organization.
  • Quick Overview: Access your vApps in a single quick overview. A direct click on your instance will open the VMRC console.
  • Virtual Datacenter: Multiple datacenters available from your interface. Each vApp is can be copied from one DC to another. Furthermore, each DC has its own catalog in which your can store images and ISOs which are most relevant to your DC.
  • Complete Security Management: vShield enables complete security management from firewalling, NAT, PAT, VPN, routing, DHCP and even LoadBalancing.
  • IPSec VPNs: Setting a VPN to your office is as simple as giving a name, IP address and a AES256 shared key. VPNs can also be setup between your virtual Datacenters inside your exoscale tenant.
  • Custom Instances: Leverage all your virtualization skills with VMware. Adding a new VM can be customised up to Hardware Version, storage driver, number of network cards.

More questions?

Should you want a personal demonstration in your business and IT context, Contact Exoscale on +41 58 668 56 00 or you can email or visit for more details.

About Exoscale:

Exoscale is the leading swiss cloud service provider.

With services covering the full cloud spectrum – from public IaaS to on demand email and collaboration – exoscale provides tailored solutions and lets clients focus on their core business. Whether you’re a seasoned system administrator or developer looking for full self-service capabilities and automation support, an IT manager looking for a turn-key IT hosting solution or looking to offload large processing tasks, exoscale has a matching service. In one of the las t countries allowing un-tamperable data storage our expert team, battle hardened from experience in highly critical environments and industries will ensure your data and services are safe from technical or legal harm.

Though we are proud of our swiss quality and uphold its reputation we maintain very competitive prices. As a full-on cloud provider, all our services are pay-per-use and will let you scale both technically and financially as your business does. exoscale: you’re safe with us.


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