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3rd November – London, UK – Global Release – Flix Premiere, the world’s first online multiplex will change the game for film lovers around the world in the online war for original content. Unlike Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV and other video-on-demand platforms, Flix Premiere will only release original content, pioneering Cinema-On-Demand and creating a clear distinction between traditional cinema release and (VOD) platforms.

At the pre-launch event in Cannes this year, the Founder and CEO, Martin Warner

said, “There is an abundance of great theatrical movies that never get seen, that just simply die due to the existing industry model which does not support the economics or provide a broader marketing and release mechanism for all movies”  Furthermore, he adds “consumers are led to believe that movies are only worth seeing if they are released at the theatre”.  Warner calls this the ‘Hollywood syndrome’ good for a few, but not for the many.

Flix Premiere aims to release 8 movies per week on its multiplex theatre, in a curated format, Warner said, “Movie-goers around the world will now have a credible, exciting new alternative to theatres, and VOD platforms like Netflix.  And we promise to release theatrical worthy new movie premieres that have never been seen before”.  At the London Film Festival, Warner said, “Most consumers are watching platforms like Netflix for its TV drama, NOT its movies, the perception is that most movies Netflix and other VOD platforms hold, are non-exclusive deals, meaning the movies are available everywhere!  Warner believes that consumers don’t get the choice and value of new motion picture content. 

Flix Premiere has started to release trailers of movies that will show on the platform, together with interviews and information about their services. Warner said, “Since Cannes, we have built a pipeline of over 150 theatrical releases, and expect this number to grow significantly towards the end of the year”.



About Martin Warner

Martin Warner is a leading UK/US tech entrepreneur, known as an innovative, controversial visionary. He recently disrupted the 3D printing world by co-inventing full colour 3D desktop printing and recently exited to 3D Systems Inc.  Martin has investments across a number of industries, and is focusing on the convergence of technology and film through  Martin is a serial entrepreneur, film producer, media investor and philanthropist.  He is also Founder of Tech Entrepreneurs Week, London

About Flix Premiere:

Flix Premiere is the most disruptive innovation in cinema today – combining theatrical release and on‑demand availability – to bring the world’s first Online Multiplex Cinema.

We are pioneering Cinema-on-Demand (a.k.a. Theatre‑on‑Demand) that ONLY offers New Movie Releases for movie‑goers around the world.

Every new movie release will also Premiere on our platform, including advance screenings, with access to behind the scenes footage, cast and production interviews and much much more.

The service goes live towards end of 2015, in 7 markets including the UK, US, France and others.  By end of first quarter 2016, Flix Premiere aims to be in 20 markets around the world.

Please note: This press release should be read in conjunction with information released on the Flix Premiere website

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