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UK, 3rd November 2015 – Gigaset pro has announced that Frosts Garden Centre has selected Gigaset N720 DECT IP Multicell System and ruggedized handsets to deliver superb voice quality with extended coverage offering reliable communication and lower cost handsets.

Frosts, a family-owned, independent group of four garden centres and landscaping company have sites across Oxfordshire and teams at each centre that need to be in constant communication with each other, as well as deal with incoming calls to the site.

For many years, Frosts used outdoor DECT based phone handsets and cells, however the legacy system had several places where coverage was poor, and as an aging platform suffered from expensive-to-replace handsets which were not best-suited to rough, outdoor use. 

Ahead of the busy summer season at its 30,000 sq/m site at Millets Farm, Frosts turned to VTSL, its trusted telephony provider for advice on an upgrade. As Daniel Wilson, CTO for VTSL explains, “Frosts needed more reliability and telephone coverage across the site. We were able to provide this by upgrading Frosts to a new phone system that could support more cells, covering the centre, retail area and a good portion of the car park.”

The old system was limited to just 6 cells which is what prompted Wilson to look for an alternative. “We use Gigaset for all our clients in need of portable devices. We find the Gigaset products to be reliable and user-friendly. With the launch of the new N720 model which supports up to 30 cells, Gigaset proved a perfect solution for Frosts.”

But the switch had some additional benefits. As Rob Walton, CEO of VTSL, explains, “The new handsets have much better audio quality, especially when hands-free, which means Frosts’ staff can just clip them on a belt and speak while carrying on with whatever they were doing. The handsets are also really rugged which is important for companies like Frosts where they can get a few knocks from time to time.”

For the handsets that really take a pounding, replacement Gigaset handsets cost less than a quarter of the price of the old legacy system handsets while offering all the features the gardening experts need.

With the installation project completed in just a week and the new Gigaset system hooked quickly into the VTSL cloud based telephony service, the switch for Frosts has been a painless one. “By using DECT technology instead of mobile phones, Frosts saved money and is able to use a durable handset with all day battery life and access to all the usual telephony features,” continues Walton.

VTSL is now looking at providing the Gigaset solution for similar customers. As Wilson says, “The beauty of the Gigaset technology is that you can keep adding cells in order to cover larger areas. Combined with the audio quality and tough handsets, it is simply an excellent solution.”

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