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Gravitant’s 7.2 release of cloudMatrix includes the ability to design and publish complete solutions that can be delivered in a shopping-cart experience

Austin, Texas — January 20, 2015Gravitant® today announced enhancements to cloudMatrix, an award-winning cloud brokerage and management software, that delivers a consumer-buying experience for complete IT Approved solutions while maintaining visibility and control.

“A recent survey showed that 93 percent of enterprise business units are using the cloud, while a substantial 61 percent of them are bypassing their IT departments,” said Mohammed Farooq, CEO of Gravitant. “With our cloudMatrix 7.2 release, Gravitant strengthens the strategic partnership between business units and IT to bring greater business agility.”

“Public cloud usage is increasing as it promises greater agility and cost savings but the current IT processes and tools are too slow or don’t have the flexibility and experience business users want,” said Paul Burns, analyst at Neovise. “Gravitant’s cloudMatrix 7.2 gives Enterprise IT a mechanism to package their cloud design expertise into Solution Prints and deliver it to their customers in a fast and consumable Marketplace.”

In working with our customers, Gravitant identified that most want to decrease design time and increase standardization of their cloud solutions. Designing a cloud solution can take weeks, and incomplete designs can expose the business to security, compliance and budget management issues. Gravitant has taken the blueprint concept and enhanced it into solution prints. A solution print goes beyond the common industry term of “blueprint” in two important ways: First, it includes managed services (such as backup, security, monitoring, etc.) and second, it is modifiable. We have heard strongly from customers that blueprints are often not reused because they are of fixed configuration. Customers have the ability to modify a solution print and order (with full order management and tracking) in the IT Approved Marketplace.

In 7.2, we are also enhancing the ITaaS catalog and marketplace. Gravitant’s marketplace is based on the concept of the service store, which provides the user experience of an app store but also includes managed services and is powered by a dynamic service catalog. Users can browse IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and managed services from multiple providers all in one location. IT can even complement these offerings with their own solution prints. The marketplace comes with complete order management, including an estimated Bill of IT and support for multiple pricing models. Compliance can be driven by enterprise and department policies for technical, business, and financial workflow-based approvals prior to order fulfillment. Then, ongoing service tracking and change management is uniquely supported with the concept of living order management.

About Gravitant

Gravitant is at the forefront of the massive transformation driven by cloud computing. We provide cloud brokerage and management software that empowers organizations to truly deliver IT-as-a-Service. Gravitant’s cloudMatrix makes it easier to plan, buy, manage and broker cloud services and enables users to move from a slow service-ticket model to an agile design-to-order model. The results: improved time-to-value from months to minutes and IT costs slashed by up to 50%. Gravitant’s software is trusted by some of the largest enterprises in the country for their IT-as-a-Service platform.

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