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Copenhagen, May, 2014 – SPAMfighter, a leading provider of user-friendly anti-spam, anti-virus, and optimization software solutions for computers, tablets and smartphones utilizing Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems announced a new version of SPAMfighter Exchange Module. This latest release of SPAMfighter Exchange Module introduces several new features while updating and enhancing existing features. New features of SEM include:

Intelligent Routing
A new tool for the Administrator, Intelligent Routing handles all mails received to an unknown e-mail address, and redirects such emails to a similar e-mail address that actually exists in Exchange Server. For example, a potential important mail sent to a non-existing mailbox such as would automatically be checked for spam and redirected to the actual existing mailbox of

Dynamic Addressing/Catch-All
A special case of Intelligent Routing is a new Dynamic Addressing feature where virtual e-mail addresses can be effectively handled. SPAMfighter Exchange Module automatically intercepts, checks for spam, and then redirects e-mails based upon regular expressions. That might be a series of e-mail addresses called,, Handling such dynamic e-mail addresses saves both time and resources for the Exchange Administrator. SEM also introduces Catch-All e-mail boxes as an supplement to Intelligent Routing, where the Administrator can easily set up Catch-All e-mail adresses to collect all e-mail messages sent to your organization to e-mails that do not exist.

Honeypot Feature
Another effective way to handle incoming spam mails sent to a non-existing mailbox is through the Honeypot feature. These mails will typically mean that a NDR (Non-Delivery Report) is being sent back to the sender, which can put a strain on the Exchange Server and potentially spam innocent recipients who have had their e-mail addresses spoofed. The Honeypot feature can suppress NDR mails, thereby effectively reducing the workload for the Exchange Server.

Enhancements to current dashboards now include new types of statistics which offer an even better overview of spam stats for incoming, outgoing, and internal spam. The tool for Intelligent Exchange Diagnostics first introducted in SEM now also checks for Windows Server updates, and offers an email alert when new versions of either SEM or Windows Server are available for download.

Existing or new users of SPAMfighter Exchange Module will have access to these new features free of charge. SPAMfighter Exchange Module is available for a 30 day free trial here.

About SPAMfighter
SPAMfighter, a certified Microsoft Gold Partner based in Denmark, is Europe’s leading protection software developer providing state-of-the-art computer and server utility products to 13 million users from 228 countries around the globe. In addition to an award-winning spam filter, SPAMfighter offers PC optimization, anti-spyware, and anti-virus protection solutions. SPAMfighter also offers an array of multi-lingual white label options. Visit SPAMfighter on the Web at


Content Type: Press Release
Release Date: May 13, 2014

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