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March 2014 –  AVG has launched the latest version of free Android performance tool AVG Cleaner for Android. This version has taken the features from our AVG Uninstaller app and integrated them into AVG Cleaner. This gives you great control over your device from one single interface and we think it’s made life a lot more simple. The new features allow you to remove unwanted or unused apps, leaving you more space for what really matters to you.

It is also ready to integrate with AVG Zen (launching at the end of March) so that you will be able to monitor the performance of your Android device from anywhere.

NEW Integrated App Uninstaller and advisor

AVG Cleaner 2.0 now gives you even greater control over your device by integrating the powerful performance features of AVG Uninstaller. AVG Cleaner can help remove apps that users haven’t used in a long time or are draining resources.

AVG Cleaner can arrange your apps three different ways so you can chose which apps to keep and which apps to remove.

  • App Usage: Shows you apps you haven’t used in a long time. This will allow you to get rid of apps you may have completely forgotten about and that just slow down their device or consume precious space.
  • Battery Usage: Cleaner 2.0 also detects the most power-hungry apps on Android, which, in many cases, consequentially have an impact on performance, too.
  • Data Usage: If you’re constantly hitting the monthly data limit on your smartphone or 3G/4G equipped tablet, Cleaner 2.0 shows you what apps are consuming the most cellular data and helps remove them easily.
  • Storage Usage: Helps you identify the largest apps on your device to free up precious space.

If you choose, AVG Cleaner can notify you, once a week, which apps you haven’t used in a long time and what steps to take next to improve performance. You can then easily uninstall multiple apps from within AVG Cleaner.

By getting rid of constantly running apps, you can greatly improve performance and save battery life as well as space to make room for the things you love.

As you would expect, AVG Cleaner 2.0 does not compromise on cleaning power. With cache, history, calls, and message cleaning features as well as an Auto-Clean mechanism, AVG Cleaner helps you get rid of wasteful data at the touch of a button.

 Zen Ready

Cleaner 2.0 is also ready to be fully integrated with AVG Zen, a brand new way of managing your protection, privacy and performance across multiple devices. Once available at the end of March, users will be able to check the performance status of all their Android devices with AVG Cleaner installed, making it easier than ever to manage multiple devices.

AVG Cleaner is available for free download from the Google Play Store.

For more information visit

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Post Date: March 17, 2014
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