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Glasgow, SCOTLAND – October 12, 2015 – Cloud computing company iomart (AIM: IOM) has launched a disaster recovery service, providing a turn-key solution for protecting virtual machines (VMs).

The service, based on EMC® RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines, resolves the traditionally complex issue of protecting data stored in virtualized environments, enabling synchronous and asynchronous protection and allowing any Point in Time recovery.

Organizations are increasingly moving their digital workloads to virtualized environments in order to achieve business efficiencies – but protecting and restoring individual files stored on virtual machines can be more complex than in traditional systems.  As payroll systems, accounting programs, CRM systems, stock management and employee records transition to VMs, organizations put themselves at great risk if they fail to protect that data.

iomart provides businesses with a turn-key solution for protecting VM data, enabling them to continue to run business workloads on their premises, while protecting data in the cloud.  Thus, they can benefit from security and agility, as they try to reduce the cost and complexity of such solutions.

iomart can even offer a complete solution where businesses can realize the benefits of virtualization through its own hosted compute-as-a-service offering, and then protect that virtualized data with the trusted EMC RecoverPoint-based solution.

“It’s critical when planning disaster recovery that data copies are stored remotely, so cloud solutions have a natural advantage – especially for businesses that have only one site,” explains Bill Strain, CTO of  iomart.  “We wanted to provide a disaster recovery to the cloud solution that was simple to implement, allowed businesses to protect emerging workloads and was proven in the marketplace. EMC RecoverPoint for VMs allowed us to easily enhance our other cloud services with a solution that did just that.”

iomart chose RecoverPoint for VMs, because it is cost-effective, easy to use, and can be integrated simply with iomart’s offerings. RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines was an optimal solution of choice, because of the ability to provide best in class Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and enable fast recovery of virtual machines. Flexibility of architecture and the robust solution enhance the offering. EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines was selected as the platform of choice to deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Peter Smails, VP Data Protection Marketing at EMC, says, “EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is a data replication solution, based on proven RecoverPoint technology that customers have trusted to protect their mission critical data. The solution empowers Service Providers such as iomart to offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) in the cloud.” 

EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines enables replication with Continuous Data Protection for recovery at any point in time. EMC RecoverPoint for VMs supports single VM granularity and replicates VMs over any distance, sync or async. It is a hypervisor-based, software only data protection solution fully integrated with VMware and built on the proven technology of RecoverPoint. RecoverPoint for VMs supports orchestration and automation capabilities that make disaster recover simple and fast

About iomart

Award-winning cloud company iomart Group PLC (AIM: IOM) enables businesses and organizations to operate their online data and IT environments safely and securely. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, iomart partners with leading vendors such as VMware, Amazon, EMC, Microsoft, Asigra, Arbor and Dell to offer customers a centrally managed, controlled and completely agnostic set of hybrid, private and public cloud platforms. By owning a global network and datacenter infrastructure, iomart can support any customer who wishes to move seamlessly between any and all of these platforms with a consultative level of knowledge and expertise, delivering cloud services to meet exact business needs. For more information visit

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Jane Robertson
PR Manager

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