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27 July 2015, LondonONZO, a data science software company, today announces results of a six-month project working with Kantar, the data investment management division of WPP, to collect and analyse data from participating households on appliance usage. 

Kantar is home to some of the world’s leading research, data and insight companies and its Global Operations Innovation team collaborated with ONZO to compile and analyse household energy data collected from sensors. ONZO provides personalised consumer insights and tools for companies, to enable better customer relationships and increased levels of retention.  

Top line results showed that ONZO’s feedback on appliance use proved to be 45% more accurate than survey-based claimed usage, and the granular data analysis gave insight into consumer lifestyles, routines and behaviours.  Kantar works with over half of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and governments providing a broad spectrum of research and consulting solutions.

During the project, ONZO’s algorithms deciphered which home appliances were used, when and for how long and identified clusters and patterns around energy use such as usage trends of washing machines and microwaves.

Alex Johnson, Head of Innovation in Kantar’s Global Operations, comments: “We are interested in how research methodologies can be less reliant on questions to reduce the burden on our respondents, improve accuracy on hard-to-answer questions and be more cost-efficient.  The behaviours ONZO’s algorithms unlock from energy data could be an important part of that evolution.”

Johnson continues: “The ability to measure how consumers interact with appliances in their home could have really significant potential, particularly in combination with their purchase behaviour.”

Spencer Rigler, CEO, ONZO said: “The work that we have undertaken with Kantar illustrates the potential business applications for ONZO – it enables businesses to truly understand their consumers’ behaviour and lifestyles and develop products and services to meet their needs.  From a market research perspective ONZO’s data analytics software  has the potential to significantly contribute to Kantar’s goal of leveraging new and emerging datasets, and this stems from the extensive work we have already undertaken in the utility sector.“

ONZO also announces that it has received its first European patent which will streamline and increase the efficiency of information data gathering and analysis from smart meters.  ONZO’s EPEG algorithm enables data to be collected at a more granular level whilst compressing the data retrieved and only analysing the data when there is change to enable efficient high volume analysis.

Rigler commented on the patent news: “It is excellent news for the ONZO team to receive the patent as it is validation of the core of our business – the ability to simplify the information gathering process as well being smarter with the data analysis.”   


About ONZO

ONZO is a global leader in big data and analytics for utilities. ONZO delivers valuable insight from the analysis of energy use and helps utilities leverage this insight to transform customer relationships, improve energy efficiency, shift peak demand, offer new energy services and reduce operational costs. ONZO’s unique approach combines utility sector experience with an advanced capability in data analytics to create smart solutions for consumer and supplier. ONZO’s patented algorithms are capable of handling different data resolutions from monthly to one-second reads, and can process trillions of data readings, extracting valuable insights, including the identification of individual appliances from whole house data.

About Kantar

Kantar is the data investment management arm of WPP and one of the world’s largest insight, information and consultancy groups. By connecting the diverse talents of its 12 specialist companies, the group is the pre-eminent provider of compelling data and inspirational insights for the global business community. Its 30,000 employees work across 100 countries and across the whole spectrum of research and consultancy disciplines, enabling the group to offer clients business insights at every point of the consumer cycle. The group’s services are employed by over half of the Fortune Top 500 companies. For further information, please visit us at

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