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Update Offers Significant Performance Enhancements, Extra Support for High-Security Environments and for New, Managed Security Services

Copenhagen – November 10, 2015 – LogPoint, the leading European Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform provider, announced Tuesday that it has released version 5.4 of its powerful SIEM offering.

The new version includes significant performance improvements and a range of new features, including support for high-security environments, more features for providers of managed security solutions and improved support for forensic investigation of log files. The enhancements support exponentially growing volumes of log data, which render other SIEM-solutions useless in a real-time environment.

“Release 5.4 solidifies LogPoint’s position as the leading European provider of SIEM solutions and confirms our commitment to high-security organizations such as police forces, defense, and security and intelligence services,” says Graeme Stewart, Country Manager for LogPoint in the United Kingdom and Ireland. “It also demonstrates our resolve to keep providing better tools and support for Managed Security Service Providers, which form an increasingly large portion of our partner base.”

In version 5.4, LogPoint introduces support for one-way integration of distributed LogPoint servers, which enables forwarding of normalized messages via Syslog to a remote LogPoint server or storing normalized messages on a fileshare for pickup by a remote LogPoint server. This “one-way” traffic system decreases risk in high-security environments and solidifies LogPoint’s leading position in this market. That position was recently confirmed with the EAL 3+ certification of the LogPoint platform.

“We are the first European provider of SIEM-solutions that has achieved an EAL 3+ certification, often referred to as a NATO-certification. This means that the LogPoint SIEM-platform can formally be deployed in industries and sectors with extremely high security standards. Together with our improved support for high security environments introduced in version 5.4, this moves us into the Champions League of the cybersecurity-world,” Mr. Stewart adds.

Version 5.4 also introduces the forwarding of messages through Syslog relays. All devices that send data to LogPoint via third party Syslog servers can now be used. At the same time, log normalization and licensing will work regardless of which devices are sending, through proxy or directly. This addition to the LogPoint platform underscores the strategic direction that LogPoint is taking, catering to Managed Security Service Providers, a strategy which is also uniquely supported by our licensing and pricing structure.
“There is a growing demand for Managed Security services among enterprises and organizations,

“There is a growing demand for Managed Security services among enterprises and organizations, driven by the growing awareness about cybersecurity, the increasing complexity of cybersecurity challenges and a shortage in cybersecurity professionals,” Mr. Stewart says. “With version 5.4, we have improved the support for Managed Security Providers solutions, and, in combination with the flexibility and adaptability of our platform, we are enabling the providers to connect directly to existing log-sources in end-customer networks and deliver their valuable core service.”

Another advancement in version 5.4 of LogPoint is the ability to switch between analytics on log-timestamp and collection-timestamp, which allows cybersecurity professionals to better investigate security breaches.

LogPoint version 5.4 also delivers with improved stability, which is a core property for a key network security component. Last, but not least, the performance of the platform has been improved dramatically.

“We can now search a billion logs in less than 30 seconds. This is a key advance because long response times hamper the usefulness of SIEM-solutions and render a solution useless in a real-time environment. We are constantly improving our performance,” Mr. Stewart adds.


About LogPoint:

LogPoint is a SIEM pioneer founded in Denmark, having introduced our SIEM product to the market in 2008. LogPoint enables enterprises and organizations to monitor their networks and identify security threats in real-time to prevent cyber-attacks and fulfil their compliance requirements, including auditing guidelines, ISO standards, UK GDP13 and the European Union GDPR. LogPoint is the most flexible platform available for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring all data – whether they are generated by applications, databases, or infrastructure, or involve sensitive assets, manufacturing systems, or security systems. The scale-as-you-grow principle allows for quick and easy visualization with only a few resources – no matter how vast the IT landscape, no matter how dense the data. Across Europe, LogPoint serves more than 300 clients including public authorities, organizations and private enterprises. The clients are served through a network of partners, which includes infrastructure and security specialists. With headquarters in Copenhagen, our sales and support offices are located throughout Europe. In less than two years, the company has grown organically from 30 to 80 employees and has opened offices in Germany, United Kingdom, France and Sweden. Combining Scandinavian simplicity and European detail, LogPoint technology is designed to transform big data into an effortless package. LogPoint is able to stay in sync with client needs. Our technology allows them to surpass compliance demands, seamlessly defend against cybercrime and fraud, and optimize their overall IT operations. For more information visit us at or contact us at


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