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New RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator Provides Continuous Video Recording and Back-up Camera Compatibility

Santa Clara, CA – April 17, 2014 – Magellan, a leader of innovative GPS devices for vehicles, fitness, outdoor and mobile navigation, announces the availability of its RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator, a Personal Navigation Device (PND) with integrated dashcam. The unit gives users flexibility, protection from questionable accident claims, and the confidence gained by using award-winning Magellan navigation to get them where they need to go. The RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator is available on, ShopHQ and HSN in April, as well as Best Buy stores, and Amazon in May for $229.99.

“Whether it’s capturing a traffic accident, a scenic drive while traveling, or an unexpected event on the road, our new RoadMate PND with dashcam provides video records for future reference,” said Stig Pedersen, associate vice president of product management for Magellan. “In addition, Magellan’s well-known navigation features such as landmark guidance, PhantomALERT, junction view, and free lifetime map updates get drivers to their destination stress free.”

In addition to the flexibility provided by the combined built-in PND/GPS technology and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) capabilities of the dashcam, the unit also can handle an optional wireless back-up camera. The RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator can display either where they are headed on the GPS map, or what the live camera feed(s) immediately ahead or behind them are showing. While displaying navigation, the DVR continuously records video.

DVR capabilities of the dashcam allow important events during the drive to be recorded. For instance, over the last three years, over 200,000 claims to auto insurance companies have been tagged as questionable. The dashcam can provide evidence of illegal or fraudulent claims. The video is automatically locked when an impact from an accident is detected. When the memory card is full, the automatic looping function replaces the oldest unlocked video file.

The unit also features 120-degree wide-angle viewing for a detailed look at the road. A G-Sensor detects and records any sudden motion or speed changes. As soon as any sharp braking, rapid acceleration, excessive cornering, or sudden impact occurs, the dashcam’s DVR locks the video before and after the incident, recording what is taking place.

What really makes the RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator an exceptional value for consumers is Magellan’s navigation solution. Magellan’s decades of experience has resulted in one of the most solid routing engines in existence. The RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator includes location based content such as red light and speed camera warnings from PhantomALERT, and advanced navigation features including junction view lane guidance graphics, and the intuitive audio directions of landmark guidance. All together, the Magellan RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator helps users arrive at their destinations as quickly and stress free as possible.

The Magellan RoadMate 6230-LM DashCam Navigator was a Popular Mechanics Editors’ Choice award winner at CES 2014. For more information, please visit

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