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The Download: New Touchless Control Command, Selective Migrate, Smart SIMs, and More – From Motorola

We’ve got a bunch of new updates to share with you all. We’re keeping the momentum going this week with a swath of new enhancements that both tighten up the backend and bring some new goodies to the user experience.

 Here’s the latest Download:
What’s Up with Touchless Control – Hands tied? Our latest update to Touchless Control introduces a new convenient command: Just say “OK Google Now, What’s up?”—your phone will read aloud your latest notifications. 

Migrate What You Want – Our Motorola Migrate app has been a hit for users transferring their information from their old phone to their new Moto X, Moto G, or Droid phones. But we heard from some people that it would be even more useful if they could select what content to transfer. With this update, we’ve made this possible for users moving from an old Android phone to choose what kind of content they want to migrate. This update also automatically imports SIM contacts to your preferred Google account and makes it easier to transfer the content you want if your old phone’s content is bigger than your new phone’s available memory (nothing like a little early Spring cleaning!).

Getting Smart with SIMs – Here’s a little treat for users in Latin America and India who have Moto G that supports dual SIMs: With the latest KitKat upgrade, we’ve included a new feature called Automatic SIM Selection. If you typically select the SIM for every outgoing call, this feature will suggest the preferred SIM to use based on the one that you’ve used to call friends in the past. Moto G users with dual SIMs can simply switch the feature on in their Settings. For more information, check out the FAQs.

Customize Your Active DisplayActive Display quietly displays what you need to know with just a touch—and with this update you can now enable and disable notification vibrations using your phone’s Sound settings. Also, did you know that you can control which apps send notifications to Active Display? Just go to Settings > Active Display to choose what apps are important enough to you.

An Enhanced AssistMotorola Assist—which recognizes when you shouldn’t be bothered and helps you out while you’re driving—now works even smarter to adapt to your working style in meetings. This update allows you to block off personal time in your calendar but still take calls. We’ve also made an important enhancements in Bluetooth connectivity that allow even more users to integrate Assist with their car’s built-in Bluetooth carkit.

We’re continuing to sprint after these evolutions, quickly innovating on both user-facing experience and backend technologies. Please let us know what you think of our latest on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook

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Release Date: March 6, 2014
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