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Agresso ERP users responsive to business change more than 95% of the time

Sliedrecht, The Netherlands, June 16 2014,UNIT4, the global leader in software that supports business change, today released new user-based evidence collected by technology management consulting firm Eval-Source ( proving that its Agresso enterprise resource planning (ERP) architectural capabilities continue to provide substantial advantages for ambitious, rapidly-changing organisations, compared to other leading ERP software.

The report examines service-based organisations that consolidate to a single system and the system’s ability to manage business change post-implementation for areas including governmental regulations and compliance (GRC), reorganisation and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, business process change and financial management-driven change. The evidence, collected from Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP Enterprise Suite, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion and UNIT4 Agresso users, who each certified that they “clearly understood the nature of the questions,” and had faced these change situations previously, shows substantial architectural differences between the ERP offerings of the vendors.

A total of 46 change scenarios were evaluated to determine if the system changes could be accommodated by business users via their graphical user interphase (GUI), or if IT intervention was needed for software application recoding. Agresso could be updated easily by the business users in 44 out of 46 change scenarios. Conversely, Microsoft AX customers could only update their business systems in 14 of 46 areas; Oracle E-Business customers in just 2 of 46; Oracle Fusion customers in 10 of 46 and SAP customers cannot make changes to the application at all without IT expert help.

“What this report shows is that users of some of the world’s leading ERP systems are struggling to respond to a changing business environment due to the inherent inflexibility of the system architectures,” said Ton Dobbe, UNIT4 VP Product and Product Marketing. “An inability to make changes easily not only results in more disruption, but means these companies have to pay a large amount for the ERP deployment, and then pay again repeatedly to keep it up to date with their changing business circumstances, which means continual higher cost of change and inability to remain agile and competitive.”

The report states: “UNIT4 has built its Agresso solution to support business change continuously with a unique architecture to tightly integrate three components: data management, process modelling and information (analytics and reporting) delivery. Due to the design of Agresso ERP, specific ongoing business changes can be made by business users at the graphical user interface (GUI) level, rather than involving IT personnel at the application or code level. Changes made at the interface level propagate throughout the system seamlessly, allowing changes to be made in one place accurately, without further system-wide validating/testing, while virtually eliminating the need for application code modification to support business.”

The new Eval-Source Market Comparison Report: “Which ERP Architectures Best Handle Business Change” is available to download


About UNIT4

UNIT4 is a leading provider of people-centered enterprise software for services organizations. We bring to market cloud ERP and business applications designed to meet specific vertical market requirements helping customers embrace change simply, quickly and cost effectively. Through our solutions, our customers change and innovate at higher speed and lower cost.

The Group incorporates a number of the world’s leading software brands including UNIT4 Agresso, our flagship ERP suite for mid-sized and large services intensive organizations; UNIT4 Coda Financials, our best-of-class financial management software; and, the cloud applications company formed with investment from

UNIT4 is headquartered in the Netherlands, with operations in 26 countries worldwide and more than 4,000 employees. For more information please visit the website at

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