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In addition to providing resilient access and visibility into critical IT infrastructure, Lighthouse 5 features Slack integration and support for non-Opengear console servers

Piscataway, NJ – September 7, 2017 – Opengear (, a leading provider of critical infrastructure management solutions through advanced console serversremote managementmonitoring, and cellular out-of-band products, today announced that Lighthouse 5 – the completely redesigned version of the centralized platform for secure out-of-band management – is now available for purchase through Opengear’s channel partners.

Following the announcement at Cisco Live in June, this on-time release of the Lighthouse 5 software underscores Opengear’s commitment and investment in the most complete console server product line possible.

Enthusiastic validation from the Beta customers has underscored the value that the new Lighthouse brings, gaining high marks from these early users on the flexibility and ease-of-use with both Opengear devices and other console servers. Opengear has already completed a successful pilot program with a number of major customers from a cross-section of industries, including a telecom giant, a large oil and gas company, an international retailer, and a university hospital system.

Among features new to Lighthouse 5, the platform’s RESTful API is one of the most popular. It allows the seamless integration with other existing management software in the IT environment. As an example, Lighthouse 5 offers out-of-the-box integration with Slack, enabling NetOps to manage remote devices within their existing communication structure via a chatbot, and to collaborate more effectively. The Opengear API is open and documented for customers to create their own custom integrations as needed.

Lighthouse 5 provides a centralized out-of-band management portal not only for Opengear devices, but also supports many non-Opengear console servers as well. For example, network administrators utilizing legacy Cisco or Vertiv devices can now manage their entire IT infrastructure of both new and old devices from a single pane of glass. In this way, transitions to more modern equipment can be handled much more smoothly, with no need for abrupt equipment changes or complicated management schemes.

Administrators also have the option to completely automate the node configuration and enrollment process by combining Lighthouse 5 enrollment bundles with Opengear’s popular Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) capability. Doing so eliminates the need for operational man-hours, slashing deployment costs and minimizing human errors. Utilizing ZTP with Lighthouse 5 can serve as a mission-critical asset for any deployment regardless of size – from small to hyperscale deployments.

“In developing Lighthouse 5, we acted on specific feedback collected from NetOps professionals to create an entirely new experience designed to meet their evolving requirements,” said Marcio Saito, CTO, Opengear. “The results of that effort – Lighthouse 5 – have proved consistently effective following successful beta testing with enterprise customers across a breadth of use cases. From easy setup, to simplified enrollment, to an integrated RESTful API with built-in Slack integration, Lighthouse 5 offers an extremely versatile array of tools to empower network administrators. We’re proud to release Lighthouse 5 and excited to see how enterprises put its many capabilities into action.”

To learn more about Lighthouse 5, schedule a demo or request a quote, visit Opengear here. An introductory video showcasing the benefits of Lighthouse 5 is also available

About Opengear 

Founded in 2004, Opengear delivers next generation intelligent solutions for managing critical IT and communications infrastructure. Opengear’s solutions, featuring embedded Smart OOB™ technology, equip our customers’ networks with intelligent automation and bulletproof resilience, enabling them to optimize technical operations and secure business continuity. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, with a manufacturing facility in Utah, R&D operations in Australia and Silicon Valley, and sales offices in Europe, Asia and the USA. For more information, please visit



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