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PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement provider, today announced that Spend Control represents a large, untapped opportunity with less than 20% of organisations fully utilising its key disciplines. With billions in annual profits lost worldwide due to inefficiencies and failure to institutionalise effective Spend Control practices, PROACTIS warns of a corporate epidemic of a lack of Spend Control and proper fiscal responsibility.

In response, PROACTIS has established 15 April 2015 as Spend Awareness Day.

“Surely the very real opportunity of adding significant savings to your organisation’s bottom-line is worth one day’s focus.” said Simon Dadswell, Marketing Director at PROACTIS. “Your organisation has to buy and pay for things – so why not do it as efficiently and effectively as possible?”

“That’s why we have established 15 April 2015 as Spend Awareness Day and outlined a guide to make your Spend Awareness investigation quick and easy. The Action Pack has been developed to provide a simple roadmap so that organisations can: explore their process, ask how they’re performing today, discuss what is holding them back from better performance, discuss what tools and capabilities they have today, and consider how to take action.”

Download the Spend Awareness Action Pack

Spend Control is of high strategic importance to almost any industry, company or organisation. Confronted by macroeconomic challenges and the relentless pursuit to enhance shareholder value, Spend Control presents a very practical option for increasing profitability and improving the bottom line without requiring top-line growth and/or operational eliminations to core operations.

“Spend Control is fast becoming one of the best ROI stories in the industry. With return on investment for properly implemented Spend Control and eProcurement initiatives often exceeding ten times the initial investment, organisations are quickly realising the benefit of dedicated enterprise-wide Spend Control programs,” continued Dadswell.

PROACTIS is promoting the use of one special day – 15 April 2015 – to help organisations put themselves in a position to really understand, manage, and ultimately reduce the amount of money their organisation spends on all goods and services.

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PROACTIS is a global provider of Spend Control and eProcurement solutions that help hundreds of organisations around the world to better control expenditure on all goods and services.

  • Source-to-Contract: Increase procurement capacity to create value and reduce risk
  • Purchase-to-Pay: Improve control and visibility of organisation-wide spend
  • Supplier Commerce: Streamline supplier interaction and collaboration

In particular, our solutions are proven to help organisations improve bottom-line results in 4 distinct ways:

  • Savings from reduced cost of purchased goods & services
  • Savings from increased procurement leverage
  • Savings from process efficiencies
  • Savings from mitigated risk

Most importantly, we help each individual customer realise fast, sustained results using the unique combination of software tools and expert services that are right for them. That is our true obsession.

Find out more at

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