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BATTLE, UNITED KINGDOMJuly 15, 2014 – purechannelapps™, provider of leading innovative social media amplification and e-communication solutions has announced it has reached major social media milestones plus made a host of updates to its already popular, socialondemand® platform.

Since its product launch in June 2011, socialondemand has enabled over 30 IT and retail suppliers, across the globe, to amplify their brand messages through over 55 million social media followers, on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Xing and Viadeo. socialondemand has helped these companies ‘socially enable’ 15,000 of their sales partners, internal sales staff and other brand advocates and generated over 2 million clicks and 62,000 retweets/ likes for these intermediaries through the 210,000 social media posts they re-posted via the platform.

socialondemand has now been deployed across the world and is available in most of the European languages, as well as Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, and Hebrew.

Since the product was first built, there has been a continuous process of improvement and refinement with recent updates now providing a compendium of additional features and benefits. The key enhancements on the platform are as follows:

User Scheduling

All users on the platform, resellers, distributors, retailers or even internal sales staff, are now able to schedule their social media posts, either in batches or one-by-one. User scheduling marks a big leap in the usability of the platform for all users, allowing true flexibility on content distribution for both content generators (i.e. the brands/ vendors), and content distributors (i.e. the intermediaries).

Posting to LinkedIn Company Pages

Users can now post to their LinkedIn Company Pages through the socialondemand platform. As for Twitter, Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Viadeo/ Xing, users can edit each version created for these various social media, enabling content to be as personal and/or professional as required by the brand and their intermediaries.

Personalised ‘socialleads’ Module

The ‘socialleads’ module, that enables leads capture via social media, now offers the ability for the posting users to personalise the lead capture form with their company logo. Added to a complete redesign of the pop-up form, which can be minimised, gives intermediaries a completely branded lead capture option for social media.

Gated Content

Posting users can now “gate” content using the socialondemand platform. For specific documents, as selected both by the brands and their intermediaries, prospects are now forced to complete a lead capture form, similar to ‘socialleads’, before they can download the full version of the document that has been gated. This allows brands and their posting partners to generate more leads via social media.

Improved socialondemand engine

Recent socialondemand engine updates have improved the accuracy of analytics through the introduction of an advanced BOT catching filter. Updates have also been made to increase the platform stability and performance, leading to an improvement in scalability.

 To find out more about the power of social media amplification or to try it for yourself, email purechannelapps today at

 About purechannelapps

 Founded in 2011, purechannelapps Inc. helps customers drive business growth through better enablement, communication and collaboration with their sales teams. purechannelapps delivers enterprise-class targeted e-communications and social media amplification solutions that help organisations to reduce communication costs and amplify their social media messaging through their brand advocates.

With offices in Texas and the United Kingdom, purechannelapps is privately-owned and funded. For more information, visit

Richard Rogers +44 (0) 20 3540 6585,

Media contact:
Anne Harding
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