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·         St Brigid’s National School in Greystones, Ireland using online WordsWorthLearning Programme

·         Pilot-project to introduce the Flipped Classroom model into their Learning Support Group environment involving 8 students

Dublin – 11 May 2016 – WordsWorth Learning Ltd are delighted to announce that Sr. Kathleen Lyng (Principal) and the teachers at St Brigid’s N.S. in Greystones, Ireland are using the online WordsWorth Learning programme as the main component in a pilot-project to introduce the “Flipped Classroom” model into their Learning Support Group environment. This collaborative project, which started on 1 February, involves Ms. Orla Teehan the learning support teacher with a group of 8 students and their parents.

“Teachers & students are very enthusiastic and motivated and the students enjoy learning in this manner.  This programme develops students responsibility for their own learning and gives them some control. The students find this programme very empowering and they can easily see the correlation between effort and success. The Flipped Classroom helps students develop good work habits”. said Sr. Kathleen Lyng (Principal). 


The introduction of the “Flipped Classroom” model for teaching has been gathering momentum over the last few years because of the availability of video and audio tutorials online.

In essence, what is normally taught in class and what is normally done as homework is switched or flipped. Instead of students listening to a lesson in class and then going home to do the homework, they watch the video tutorials online (outside class) and do some interactive exercises to consolidate what has been taught, before returning to the classroom. They can then engage in class in a learning environment, initiated and controlled by the teacher, which is more participative because each student can contribute to any discussion and they can also learn from each other.

The St Brigid’s National School flipped classroom pilot will run as part of WordsWorthLearning, a therapy programme developed over the last 20 years that has offered significant improvement in standardised reading accuracy, comprehension and spelling tests.

WordsWorth Learning is a PC, Mac and mobile device compatible web application that consists of a series of video tutorials each enhanced with computer graphics and supported with interactive reading and spelling exercises. The system offers teachers a classroom tool via interactive whiteboard and parents/children have a PC based homework tool, although both can be used independently. This offers a unique opportunity for a “collaborative approach” between the school, parent and the child, who can all work together to accelerate the acquisition of competent literacy skills.

The advantages of the flipped classroom:

  • Students learn at their own pace
  • Doing the “homework” in class gives teachers a better insight into student learning styles and any difficulties they might have
  • The use of technology is flexible and appropriate for learning today
  • Students benefit from peer-group learning in the classroom
  • Students that miss classes e.g. illness/sports/etc. can watch the lessons anytime and anywhere that suits them
  • The method promotes thinking inside and outside of the classroom
  • Students like it, they are more actively involved in the learning process

A FIRST in IRELAND: Using the Flipped Classroom Model for Learning Support

The “flipped” approach that will be used; is to give each of the eight children involved a weekly lesson assignment that will entail watching video tutorials along with supporting interactive exercises to let them practice what has been taught. The “lessons” will all be carried out at home with parental involvement, before the classroom “homework” with the teacher takes place. In class the students will benefit from individual attention from the teacher and also from working in groups to openly discuss what they have learned.

“Using this peer-group learning approach means that the students become more involved, feel more interested and feel less intimidated in class. The students are enthusiastic and I am encouraging them to ask for help when they don’t understand. When they come to me they feel more confident because they have already done the work at home. They are also more likely to ask for help which means no one gets left behind”. said Orla Teehan (Learning Support Teacher).


For more information contact:

About WordsWorth Learning

WordsWorthLearning ( is an online literacy programme that is proven to resolve reading and spelling problems like dyslexia, along with additional improvements in comprehension, vocabulary and memory.

  • For 6 year-olds and upwards
  • Suitable for use in schools and at home
  • Developed by a Speech & Language Therapist
  • Empowers parents and teachers to take action
  • Research supported results-based evidence
  • Being used by professionals, teachers & parents
  • Suitable for use in the ‘Flipped Classroom’ model
  • Simple licencing costs and discounts for schools

NO training required for Windows/Mac PC or tablet

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