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April 2016 – There is no use stating that we are dependent on our mobile devices because has been more than obvious for a while now. Our mobile gadgets are with us every day, at work, in our spare time, while traveling, we hardly even walk out the door without them. Mobile tech has advanced so much in the past few years, it is like having a portable computer 24 hours a day. What is coming our way in the mobile technology world this year? Let’s have a look at the top ten trends in mobile technology

  • Customer experience is counting for more

The rapid development of mobile tech and an increasing demand for it in the market, has led to an incredible level of competition with this sector. Each manufacturer and provider of mobile services is struggling to offer the best to their customers, so that customers will come to them, instead of the competition. So the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Caring for the customers, and improving their experience with their chosen brand, will count for a lot among consumers, improving customer retention rates and repeat purchase. As a result, mobile technology providers are starting to deliver more than a simple product.

  • Trendsetting by businesses

Until recently, companies simply needed mobile solutions to support their day-to-day activity, such as mobile responsive websites and applications. In the current market, driven by content-hungry and impatient consumers, businesses are demanding holistic solutions, at which mobile is at the core. This will lead mobile technology development, which in turn will impact the way that businesses carry out their processes.

  • Increase in mobile security

Security really is central to this industry – this is a trend that will continue to grow and grow. Every mobile device is online and essentially at risk as a result. There is constant threat from tech-savvy hackers, looking to access personal information, and computer viruses capable of rendering your mobile device useless with a single touch. As the threats increase in technical capability, so too must the security to protect our data and devices.

  • The Internet of Things continues to grow

In case you haven’t heard, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical items, tablets, mobiles, cars, buildings – anything that is capable of connecting and exchanging data. Of course, mobile tech is a huge contributor of the IoT, and as more and more items become ‘smart’, the more it continues to grow. We are seeing thermostats we control from our phones, watches that track our heart rates, washing machines that respond to mobile applications – everything is becoming connected and we are just at the beginning of this journey. The web is expanding and our lives are becoming smarter and more efficient as a result.

  • Mobile pay

Mobile payments are increasing rapidly, customers are able to pay easily and securely through mobile technology. Why carry a wallet around when you can take care of payments through your smartphone?! Statistics show that this trend is on the rise with more than 75% of Millennials stating that they would be more likely to shop at stores that facilitate mobile payments in-store. This will put enormous pressure on retailers to up their game in this department and make sure they are up to date with the latest mobile payment technology.

  • Two heads are better than one

A more surprising trend to emerge from mobile technology is that of partnerships. Companies of all shapes and sizes, in all industries and sectors, are coming together with the sole purpose of providing a better and more innovative experience to their customers. This is being led by the expansion of APIs – Application Programming Interfaces – where companies will be able to work together to improve the available services. Whilst healthy competition is beneficial to consumers through increased rates of product development and lower pricing, collaboration can also benefit customers through increasing availability of necessary products and information. 

  • Improved mobile programming

2015 was a successful year for mobile programming languages and development tools. This is expected to continue and even improve into 2016 and beyond. Currently, in the case of consumer applications, native app development is preferred – ie applications written for a specific platform – but watch this space because it may all be about to change. Programming is at the core of every app and mobile programme we use –  and the diversity of platforms may mean that it needs to become much more flexible and adapt very quickly.

  • Changing mobile ad display

Most consumers will agree that mobile ads are a pain in the you-know-what. Large ads on small screen, accidental click-throughs, data usage etc. There are mobile providers now offering ad blocker services to customers. This will be a great move for consumers but for the advertisers? Not so much – there will have to be a change here, who’s to say what direction the move will go but for now, keep your eye on the ads as they may not be around for long.

  • It’s all about the data

The collection and application of data has been growing at an exponential rate. Companies are using huge datasets and innovative bespoke algorithms in new and innovative ways to offer more services, better guidance and improved customer care. This will doubtless drive changes in the mobile industry, with smart machines learning human behaviour, we can expect to see a more personalised service that is unique to us and our habits.

  • Up in the cloud

We all love the cloud. Efficiency, costs, security – it seems as though the cloud can do no wrong. As much as we love it, there is a downside in terms of quality. Performance and reliability can take a hit if there are too many processes running, if the memory usage is too high, or if there are too many network calls happening. Mobile tech in particular loves the cloud – the limited physical space in mobile devices, combined with the increased comparative cost of hard storage options make the cloud all too appealing for the mobile tech industry. It looks as though the trend of increasing reliance on the cloud will continue – but we would suggest keeping a watchful eye on this one as it could just have a sting in the tail.


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