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Cloud-based  inventory  and  sales  management  provider  TradeGecko  introduces  its innovative, intuitive and customizable private B2B e-Commerce software – a refreshing contrast to  the  clunky  and  often  painfully tedious  traditional  sales  management systems typically employed by small to medium-sized enterprises. 

The  premise  of  the  new  private  B2B marketplace  is  a  simple,  yet  powerful one  –  to  provide  businesses  with  a
customizable  platform  where  their customers  can  access  a  personalized, private marketplace for seamless, real-time  order  management,  integrated directly with the business’s TradeGecko account for instantaneous tracking and updates.
Since  its  launch  in  2012,  TradeGecko’s Inventory  Management  platform  has  already  assisted merchants to sell and purchase goods of a total value of over USD850 million to date, with over 515 million in sales and over 353 million in purchases facilitated so far.  
And with recent research highlighting the massive growth of B2B e-Commerce to USD559 billion1 in 2013 alone (more than doubling that of  B2C e-Commerce), TradeGecko’s new private B2B e-Commerce  software  aims  to  capitalize  on  this  trend  further,  and  to  help  grow  the  sales  of businesses by eliminating the bottlenecks and redundancies in the sales process currently.
“Studies  have  shown  that  average  value  order  increases  by  44%2  when  B2B  customers  are migrated online. With our new B2B e-Commerce software, we hope to not just greatly streamline work  and  sales  flow  for  businesses,  but  ultimately  to  exponentially  power  up  the  day-to-day efficiency of our customers as they grow their businesses in the long run,” said CEO of TradeGecko, Cameron Priest.

Featuring  the  same  beautiful  clean-cut  design,  interface  and  user  experiences  SMEs  love TradeGecko for, the new private B2B e-Commerce software allows for orders to be placed with their customers directly, without the need for them to be contacted by phone or email as done traditionally.  
The  order  is  then  instantaneously  logged  for  approval  in  TradeGecko,  upon  which  shipping, invoicing and payment can be arranged.  
A  key  feature  of  the  new  platform  is  the  high  degree  of  customizability  available,  perfect  for businesses with a strong focus on a holistic customer experience. Not only can they specifically customize the product catalogue available for each customer, but also the prices they would pay for  it.  In  addition,  personalized  log-in  and  marketplace  URLs  for  each  customer  will  also  be available soon after launch.
Available at, the new private B2B e-Commerce platform  is free for all customers of TradeGecko, a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud-based SaaS system dedicated to changing the face of online Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management, all while becoming a real partner for businesses.
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Kenneth Chew
Communications Specialist / (+65) 9770 6615
TradeGecko is changing the face of online Inventory Management & Supply Chain Management, dedicated to consigning boring business software to history with its innovative, cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-service) platform.  We  strive  to  not  just  power  up efficiency  through  our  easy-to-use platforms and tools, but ultimately to be a real partner for businesses – all while we make our customers more awesome.





Content Type: Press Release
Release Date: April 22, 2014

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