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  • Addresses a pressing need for innovation in student information systems

  • The first system available to deliver consumer-grade user experience combined with enterprise strength

  • Greatly increases the ROI of replacing legacy student information systems

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN,  Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced its new student information system (SIS), Unit4 Student Management.

The new solution will change the way education institutions attract, manage and support students throughout their lifecycle. It addresses a pressing need for innovation in the SIS market which has not seen a new and innovative end-to-end solution in over a decade.

“Unit4 has the experience and the vision to deliver the innovation required to become the global leader in the sector,” said Amir Tajkarimi, Unit4’s Senior VP of Global Education. “Students, faculty and staff typically experience a ‘digital downgrade’ in their campus life, using dated systems that don’t meet their high expectations. Nowhere is this more apparent than with currently-installed SISs, which on average are over 13 years old. These expensive to maintain legacy systems were built before the emergence of new technology and business models that have reshaped education. With the introduction of Unit4 Student Management, institutions now have an alternative.”

Unit4 Student Management is a completely new, ‘built from scratch’ solution combining the latest technology with 30 years’ experience working with over 1000 education institutions globally. As such it offers competitive advantages and greatly increases the ROI of replacing a legacy SIS.

Unit4 Student Management is being released as a fully functional and complete solution. The application’s first release will manage five core student-centric processes: admissions, academics, financial aid & scholarships, billing, and student & faculty portals.

Specifically, Unit4 Student Management can help institutions succeed in the following six areas:

Improve the faculty, staff and student experience: An intuitive interface built for today’s mobile user applies the same concepts users have come to expect from their consumer technology, while workflow support tools that automate routine tasks liberate administrative and IT staff for higher-value functions.

Gain a 360-degree view of students and constituents: Since the same CRM application is available throughout the institution to any user of the system (CRM for Everyone), an institution can gain a true 360-degree view of an individual as they progress from potential applicant, to student, to graduate, to alumnus, to potential donor—a relationship that may last for decades.

Support strategic initiatives with actionable data: With built-in analytics, every administrative user can easily pull and analyze information on key institutional or departmental metrics using visual dashboards and point-and-click simplicity.

Address the needs of non-traditional learners: With unlimited program enrollment flexibility, institutions are no longer tethered to just term-driven enrollment processes and can offer any type of course registration.

Reduce IT and system support costs: A flexible configuration structure enables institutions to update strategies and processes quickly and easily without the need to hire expensive IT consultants to modify the system. It can also be implemented quicker and easier than competitive systems, so resources go towards institutional excellence, not systems upkeep.

Run Cloud Your Way: Unlike competitor offerings, Unit4’s flexible Cloud Your Way program allows an institution to deploy according to its preference—public, private or on-premises.

Unit4 Student Management is the result of Unit4’s Three Rivers Systems’ acquisition in June this year when Unit4 established its Global Center of Excellence for Education. Unit4 Student Management is the newest addition to Unit4’s education solutions, which include Unit4 Research Management and Unit4 Business World ERP. Available stand-alone or fully integrated, together they deliver the first full suite of next-generation enterprise software systems for the global education community.

Unit4 has begun an early access program for the Student Management application and it will be available for general release to the North American market in Q1 2016. It will be fully localized and available worldwide by Q2 2016. Unit4 will be demonstrating the product at EDUCAUSE 2015 in Indianapolis on October 28th and 29th (booth 1724).

About Unit4

Unit4 is a leading provider of enterprise applications empowering people in service organizations. With annual revenue north of 500M Euro and more than 4000 employees world-wide, Unit4 delivers ERP, industry-focused and best-in-class applications. Thousands of organizations from sectors including professional services, education, public services, not-for-profit, real estate, wholesale, and financial services benefit from Unit4 solutions. Unit4 is in business for people. 

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