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CohesiveFT cloud networking product Shortlisted for Datacentre Solutions Award in Security, Networking

LONDON, UK – April, 2014 – CohesiveFT announced it has been shortlisted for two Datacentre Solutions Awards. The award categories, Datacentre ICT Security Product of the Year and Datacentre ICT Networking Product of the Year, highlight the virtual networking product’s versatility. Voting began 1st April and ends 1st May: vote here.

The Datacentre ICT Security Product of the Year recognises products, hardware and/or software products that deliver specific datacentre focussed security solutions to end-users. VNS3 helps customers in finance, healthcare, government and other highly regulated industries, regain control of security in any virtualized environment, including public clouds. Enterprises can their control data pathways and data encryption security with the VNS3 all-in-one network device that functions as a router, switch, firewall, protocol redistributor and programable SDN controller.

In an exemplary use case, CohesiveFT customer Geezeo uses VNS3 to direct and manage traffic with the insight and control Geezeo needs in the US finical services industry. Geezeo CTO James Elwood uses VNS3 to “manage all of our connections from a single control point and offer reliable, manageable, and secure tunnels.”

In the Datacentre ICT Networking Product of the Year role, VNS3 frees enterprise cloud computing users from the underlying hardware and geography constraints. By defining networks in software, VNS3 allows network designers to operate, control, and configure networks without physical access to hardware. Enterprises of all sizes benefit from cloud computing economies of scale without the cost or security risks.

To demonstrate the cloud networking capabilities, another use case used VNS3 to bridge Africa’s splintered telecom markets with secure overlay networks. The VNS3 customer, an SMS bridge operator based in West Africa, was able to bring a remarkably cost effective cloud-only SMS integration service to sub-Saharan Africa without costly physical infrastructure or network hardware. The network solution from VNS3 enabled our customer to offer better SMS connectivity between end users on disparate networks and opened new revenue opportunities for brand SMS advertisers hoping to reach end SMS customers.

To vote for CohesiveFT, VNS3 and the Geezeo security story, click here. 

About CohesiveFT

CohesiveFT is the original cloud networking company. We have been helping enterprise organizations run production systems in the cloud since 2008.  With VNS3, our network routing and security solution, customers can deploy and extend networks to public, private, and hybrid clouds.  VNS3 delivers Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) anywhere customers do not control and manage their own hardware.

CohesiveFT is a pioneer in the enterprise cloud networking market and provides more application-controlled software defined networking than all competitors combined. The CohesiveFT team has decades of experience in enterprise software, operations and networking. To find out more, visit

CohesiveFT is a member of the Amazon Partner Network, member of the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner, an IBM Business Partner, and an HP Public Cloud Marketplace Partner.

Media Contact
Heidi Groshelle
Groshelle Communications
Tel +1 415.307.1380


Content Type: Press Release
Release Date: April 1, 2014

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