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May 15, 2015 – is the Windows Embedded professional event for Russia and CIS countries – organized by Quarta Technologies. The 2015 issue is taking on May 27 in Moscow, Radisson Slavyanskaya.

For the first time, WanPulse  proVconnect will be presented on Azure platform to demonstrate the management and monitoring of the devices at the event.

With this setup, the different partners exhibiting on the event will be able to manage their devices. This will allow our partner Quarta Technologies to demonstrate how proVconnect can easily manage and monitor any type of device such as Tablets, POS devices, Kiosks, Digital Signage, THCs, PCs, Industrial Automation Devices, CCTV monitors, virtual fitting room, transport monitoring devices, Queue systems, Automatic system of face control and recognition, Medical Devices and bedside monitors, INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS for meeting rooms, Remote Access Control System, Vending machine, data collection terminal, Storefront or Multimedia Systems.

During the event, the Quarta Technologies team will run a demonstration scenarios to monitor and manage the different devices.

For more information about  WanPulse proVconnect, visit

For More info on E.DAY’15 website


About WanPulse

Established in 2010, WanPulse builds software and solutions for Embedded Systems and VDI Provisioning and Management. 

Today, every Embedded equipment manufacturer (POS, WES2009, WES7, Windows 8 Embedded, Linux, Android, IOS embedded) has his own remote management software which manages only his own devices.

This means that users must install each vendor’s own management tool for each of their devices, making the management of these devices difficult to administer.

Our software solution, proVconnect, was created as a single, easy to use, comprehensive tool that can be used to manage all embedded and VDI devices, (e.g. VDI PCs, POS, kiosks, digital signage systems and thin clients) in a unified way.

Unlike most other remote management tools on the market, our proVconnect software manages the OS independent of the hardware it is loaded on.

Our proVconnect solution allows the IT manager to make sure that the Operating Systems and the applications are up to date, that no prohibited services or applications are running. The IT manager can organize devices, load files remotely, create maintenance tasks on a group and plan the execution of these tasks at a specific time.  Plan any type of task remotely just as you were physically in front of each device and all of these changes are transparent to the user.

Simplicity is one of our differentiators, our proVconnect software uses web based technologies and can be installed locally or used in Cloud or SaaS model.

Security is essential, our proVconnect software uses secure SSL 128 Bit certificates to communicate with the remote devices.

Our proVconnect software is open and can be used by all Microsoft, Linux, Android and other technologies. WanPulse can easily “customize” the proVconnect software to suit your specific requirements (create specific alerts; get specific console information etc…) proVconnect is a complete solution.  It allows full management of the OS no matter the device on which it is loaded. We believe that remote management should be a standard part of the OS and WanPulse is actively working with our partners to ensure our proVconnect software agent is installed, by default, on all devices before shipping. For more information, visit us at



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