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Windows BitLocker and Paragon’s Backup Solutions

Windows BitLocker can protect sensitive data from theft, but not data corruption or accidental deletion as a result of a hardware failure, virus attack or human error. However, Paragon’s solutions support those scenarios and can recover data from volumes encrypted by Microsoft BitLocker, allowing backup, restore or copying of their contents as well as number of other Paragon Software Grouppartitioning operations.

Paragon’s Backup capabilities together with Microsoft BitLocker provides exceptional protection of OS and personal data from unauthorised access and data loss.

In general, if you compare Paragon’s solutions with Windows native backup/restore utilities, Paragon is much more efficient and flexible, wider customization options, multi-platform recovery environments.

About BitLocker

Approximately 60% of all computers sold worldwide today are portable. Portable computers are taken everywhere: home, vacations, or business trips. It makes them an easy target for criminals, especially for the private data they contain. Flash drives are also an easy theft target. Even a failed hard drive that you send back to your vendor for warranty is a potential threat to your private intellectual property. How can your personal data be protected? With one word – encryption!

Data encryption has gone mainstream with Windows BitLocker, a n optional security feature that enables data protection on volumes with 128/256 – bit AES (Advanced Encrypt ion Standard) encryption. It first appeared in Windows Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate to protect the contents of hard disks from offline attacks – for example – when a hard disk is stolen and connected to another computer to retrieve the data it contains. To learn more on the subject, please visit :

 About Paragon’s Backup Solutions:

Paragon’s backup solutions have been well known in the IT marketplace for years. In the latest product editions (i.e. Hard Disk Manager 14, Protect and Restore 3.0), the company introduced an innovative disk imaging technology in the form of a new backup container format pVHD (Paragon Virtual Hard Drive). pVHD is proprietary VHD, optimized for storing backups of virtual and physical machines. It’s also very efficient incremental chains, data de-duplication and synchronization.

Some of the important features behind this brand new technology:

Incremental images are completed much faster and offer superior stability in comparison to the legacy PBF format (10X faster increments to network storage)

Users may alternatively back up directly to any supported virtual container (VMDK, VHD, etc.).

Backups are optimized for immediate virtualization scenarios.

For more information visit their website

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