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Proven programme developed over 20 years by leading Speech and Language Therapist, with over 500 trained professionals, that can be used on PC, mobile and classroom whiteboards.

Dublin, Ireland – 14th December 2015 – WordsWorth Learning Ltd has launched the first online interactive rule based treatment for Dyslexia and Reading/Spelling disorders following successful academic trials of the therapy programme which highlighted significant improvement in standardised reading accuracy, comprehension and spelling tests.

The new internet based therapy is a replica of a private consultancy service for remediating reading and spelling problems, which has been running in Ireland and around the world for over 20 years.

Developed by Rita Treacy BSc, a Consulting Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) who was herself identified with Dyslexia at 18 and went on to become the Principal SLT at Lucena Clinic, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services in Dublin where she worked for over 10 years.

“Myself and other Speech and Language Therapists and teachers have been using the WordsWorthLearning programme to help particularly young people overcome Dyslexia. Until the internet revolution this meant mostly one-to-one sessions through private practice as there is little health service funding for treatment of this kind,” explains Treacy, “It was when I met my co-founder David Ross, who has been working in IT for even longer than I have been working as an SLT that we collectively realised that modern broadband, video and interactive exercises could allow us to turn the seven stages of the programme into an effective internet based treatment programme at a much lower delivery cost.”

WordsWorth Learning is a PC, Mac and mobile device  compatible web application that consists of a series of video tutorials each enhanced with computer graphics and supported with interactive reading and spelling exercises. The system offers teachers a classroom tool via interactive whiteboard and parents/children have a PC based homework tool, although both can be used independently. This offers a unique opportunity for a “collaborative approach” between the school, parent and the child, who can all work together to accelerate the acquisition of competent literacy skills.

The WordsWorthLearning programme has been the subject of several independent analysis of its statistical effectiveness over the last decade. Dr Michael O’Leary, Senior Lecturer Educational Assessments, St Patrick’s Teacher Training College in Dublin, Ireland carried out a statistical analysis of 220 children ranging from 6 years to 18 years of age, seen in private practice using the paper based WordsWorthLearning programme. Dr O’Leary’s results found that reading accuracy improved by 3 years, reading comprehension improved by 3 year 3 months and spelling improved by 1 year 8 months after only 13 half hour therapy sessions. The results are now significantly more impressive using the more advanced online programme.

Rita and David have self-funded the project to turn WordsWorthLearning programme from a private practice service to a truly accessible platform, “This is particularly important as for many without public funding private SLT therapy is still out of their budgets and the key is getting parents involved which works particularly well via the accessibility of the internet and on more flexible mobile devices like tablets.”

WordsWorthLearning is currently running larger scale pilot projects with schools and has launched its service as a low cost single year subscription model, “Our goal is to allow the programme to become accessible to teachers and parents and even those on the smallest of means to empower them to help overcome Dyslexia and other similar learning disorders,” says Treacy, “We are in the process of working with a number of schools on pilot projects, and continually improving the functionality of the internet application and looking at ways to gain state funding as part of health programmes that can change a young person’s future with the right assistance.”

Jim Halligan, Head Teacher of  St Annes National School in Shankhill, Dublin added, “St Anne’s National School has made use of the WordsWorth Learning  resource for a number of years now. We quickly saw how the online lessons were of great benefit to individual children with dyslexia and WordsWorthLearning has become one of the key elements in our Learning Support department. We have also put WordsWorthLearning to work in a class setting. One of our Third Class teachers tested its effectiveness using the Schonell Test. Over a six-month period, the pupils’ attainment in spelling increased dramatically with some children’s spelling age being raised by over two years. We will continue to use WordsWorthLearning in both Learning Support and mainstream classes.”

WordsWorthLearning programme is based on 7 structured phases which use elements of over a hundred tutorial videos and 330 interactive exercises. Progress is tracked through an online multiple choice questionnaire which also guides any revision required. The programme can be completed in as little as 16 weeks but the licence is available for a full year leaving plenty time for those that need to progress at a slower pace. The one-year licence is available online for £75 with significant discounts available for school group licences.

“We are now in discussion with several IT solution providers who work in the education sector around ways to reach this audience more effectively but even with the launch of the service through Facebook and other social media outlets we are already generating interest from parents and teachers and the future is looking really promising,” Treacy adds.

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